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Are you ready to be a powerful link in developing rural schools and be a part of a mix ‘n’ mingle approach for a worthy cause?

You can join hands with us by registering with us to provide logistic assistance, obtain quotations from different suppliers, assist in sourcing stationery, shoes, sports gear, IT equipment and building material to finalise projects and to visit project sites and liaise with the Donors and Donees.

1. Field Volunteer (be in charge of the zone)

  • Visit schools & gather requirements
  • Upload photos, videos & other material
  • BOQ

2. Social media Volunteer

  • Promote HSF projects
  • Promote or create.

3. Logistics Volunteer

  • Handing over materials to schools
  • Collection of material

4. Educational Volunteer

  • Responsible in teaching the students

5. Sports Coach Volunteer

  • To volunteer in teaching the students(could be educational/ skills development)

6. Alternative Volunteer

  • If you are willing to Volunteer any other way do let us know.

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