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How we evolved

Trustees of the foundation carried out campaigns to donate footware in Polonnaruwa in 2016 under the theme of “Miriwedi” and another Project in Kuchchaweli using their personal funds. Then they realised that they should broader their scope to help various needs of schools in a much sustainable manner, by joining hands with other donors / volunteers while developing a fully intergraded web platform.

Until they launched the proper web platform, they have carried out few campaigns at schools located different parts of the country reaching out to donate shoes, socks, bags, books, uniforms, stationery, IT Labs, Band Equipment, Sport Equipment, tables, Photocopiers, toys, clothes, etc.

How we operate

We constantly gather information and maintain a comprehensive database of marginalised schools in Sri Lanka as we have a network of volunteers across the island to verify the authenticity of each request made by different schools.

We upload the verified referrals and requests for assistance on our website, the Donors can then decide to reach the needy school directly or through us.

The Donors are requested to inform us once they have directly helped a needy school so that we can check that request or referral off our project list. If the Donor decides to channel their donation through us, our volunteers will regularly monitor the progress of each project.

No admin fee shall be charged at any given point and your donation will reach the donee with no deductions (except for Bank charges if any).


To have no more rural schools existing in Sri Lanka and to finally dissolve our Charitable Trust for our purpose will then have achieved.


To operate an integrated digital platform connecting donor and the donee to carry out campaigns in order to uplift the rural schools to standard schools.

Mission & Vision

Helping Hands

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