Save from Elephants

St. Anthony's Maha Vidyalaya, Alagollewa

The rear end of the school which consists of a ground has been partly covered with electric fence to save from elephants. However, the electric wire was not available and most of the posts are been damaged by the elephants. Therefore elephants approach the school from the nearby jungle and has a great threat for the school. Therefore the school is in a desperate requirement to re-instate the fence and obtain a proper electric connection.

More Info
School Name St. Anthony's Mahavidyalaya, Alagollewa
School Address -
District Anuradhapura District
Province North Central
Principle Name Sudeera Jayasinghe
Principle Contact +94 766 847 788
School Contact -
School Type Mixed
No of Students -
Project Carried out by Colombo Tuskers Round Table 08
Sabine Samarawikrama